Welcome to atlas dining.

My very own American Dream.

America’s southern states toy with your senses - and not only the obvious physical ones: sight and smell. They stir your sense of self – your curiosity, your sense of security and your own sense of patriotism.
The deep south, state by state - but even on a hyper-local level - is extremely diverse. It’s a place full of intrigue. A melting pot of cultural cross-over and a part of this world I’ve never experienced.

It felt truly different and that felt wild.

On my trip I travelled music city - Nashville, Tennessee. I crossed the border into Alabama and stopped to eat in Birmingham. I drove through Mississippi to end in the vibrant, heavily French-influenced New Orleans, Louisiana. Then travelled to Texas – where the heavy influence of barbecue and Tex Mex really heated up.

Our American take on the south is full of character, grunt and soul. It’s distinctly different to anything we’ve served up yet. You’ll see flames roaring while smoky, rich, meaty flavours take control. You’ll feel full-up and warm as we tap into the distinctive southerner-style flavours, techniques and hospitality.

On behalf of myself and the entire Atlas team, we hope you enjoy this journey through America’s deep south - our tenth cuisine, and our third year of service.

Head Chef and Owner, Charlie Carrington.