'Crab salad in salvador'

Crab, farofa, faux palm oil, egg white

'flavours of spring, pan de queso' *

Asparagus, guava, tapioca

‘STREET foods’


‘salvador and sea’ *

octopus, cashew, pumpkin

‘beef feijoada’ *

Beef, rice, beans

'THE I DON'T EAT Dessert CAKE' *



4 courses for $65pp / 6 courses for $95

ALl dishes with asterix (*) are part of our four course menu.

four and six courses available Tuesday - thursday evenings. six course only available friday - saturday evenings. only four course available Saturday lunches.

We cater to all dietary requirements with minimum two days notice required. As we work closely with our suppliers to use only the best fresh, seasonal

ingredients our menu is subject to change without notice. Credit cards incur a 1.5% surcharge.